The N-LINE Trailer stays N-LINE with your bike allowing bike and trailer to become one machine that leans into a curve the way it was intended, without compromising performance!!

It follows near the exact tire path of your bike. Swerve to miss an obstacle on the road and your trailer misses it also!! NEAT!! There's more! The N-LINE lets you ride as aggressively as you want. Big enough to haul most all the camping gear for two that you'll need.

Still not sure? Just ask another N-LINE owner what he thinks of his!

We strive to bring you the highest quality of products available. We stand behind our products 100%

N-LINE is the only choice

The owner of N-LINE trailers is involved every step of the way - from concept to finished product, we feel our products are supurb.

We will maintain our unblemished record of customer satisfaction.


You said you would never pull a trailer!
It is, in fact, the most unique, innovative trailer on the road today. It is built with quality, longevity and performance in mind. This trailer was engineered with new technology and the advantages of its design are not always obvious to people. We have sold a lot of trailers to customers that have said they would never pull a trailer behind their bike. The N-LINE is, obviously, very different from a two-wheel trailer and has many advantages over the traditional variety. The N-LINE addresses most of the objections that people have with a two wheel trailer.

Here are some absolutes to keep in mind:

  • Single wheel trailers have always made sense, especially for a motorcylce. The bike creates a single tire track when traveling down the road. It only makes sense for the trailer to do the same.

  • If you can dodge an object, pot-hole, dead animal, etc, with your bike, your trailer should be able to do the same.

  • If you can ride your motorcycle close to the edge of the road safely, your trailer should not be tracking with one wheel off the road

  • When riding with other motorcyclists, you should not block the entire lane with your trailer.

  • When you lean your bike into a turn, your trailer should take advantage of the same law of physics that keep you on the road.

  • If you encounter rough roads or unavoidable obstructions in your path, your trailer should not bounce and cause adverse or dangerous handling of your bike.

  • When you reach your destination, you should feel exhilarated, not like you have been wrestling a trailer all day, as with some two-wheel trailers.

  • All of these advantages were designed into the N-LINE trailer.

Some positive thoughts about our N-LINE

  • It is narrower than most trailers, allowing it not to catch outside air.

  • It is shorter than most trailers in height.

  • It has the front, bottom end sloped back to help eliminate exhaust swirling between the trailer and the bike.

  • It has a 16" tire; reports out that it will last 50,000 to 60,000 miles

  • The shape of the trailer is very aerodynamic. This trailer is hardly noticed when pulling. With it's short height approximately 5"-10" lower than most cargo trailers, it catches litte to no wind.